Vneuron Risk & Compliance wins Rising Star in the 2023 Chartis’ RiskTech100 Vendor Report

Chartis Research has recognized Vneuron Risk and Compliance as a ‘Rising Star’ in its 2023 RiskTech100 Awards, a unique report ranking top 100 providers in risk and compliance technologies.

RiskTech100® is a thorough research report done by industry experts from chartis studying hundreds of technology providers that cater to both financial and non-financial firms’ needs. They represent a variety of risk technology specialties.

On its 17th edition, Vneuron won a rising star award for the completeness of its AML compliance solution.

What does it mean to be a Rising Star company?

A company that has been named a Rising Star is on its way to becoming a top company in the market. It has a strong competitive edge, a clear vision of where they are going, and a strong competitive advantage.

Being a rising star company means that you are going to be a strong competitor in the market for a long time thanks to efforts invested in research and development to produce innovative solutions and approaches.

How was Vneuron Risk & Compliance recognized as a Rising Star?

‘A notable presence in anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism, Vneuron has already featured strongly in Chartis’ RiskTech Quadrants,’ said Phil Mackenzie, Research Principal at Chartis. ‘Robust growth and a focus on the key areas of real-time transaction filtering and monitoring make the company a worthy Rising Star award winner this year.

Vneuron is committed to providing future-proof AML compliance solutions. The company is, therefore, investing heavily in R&D to keep up with the regulatory evolution and market needs. Continuous adaptation and growth is a key differentiator compared to many legacy systems in the market. Vneuron has been working for years to be able to offer tailored approaches for every financial institution, financial sector, or region in the world.

The starting point that helped Vneuron to reach such success was leveraging technologies to create new and innovative solutions that provide real added value for financial institutions.

Vneuron’s Reis Risk & Compliance Suite is a unique platform that is built on a layered technology stack and a set of proprietary algorithms that perform the whole process of customer onboarding to enhance user experience.

ReisTM Risk and Compliance suite, covers the entire customer lifecycle. It identifies risks in customer activity and activity-based profiles, detects future risks by analyzing clusters of customer activity, and provides institutions with transaction screening, transaction monitoring, and reporting modules that can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Today, financial institutions find in ReisTM Risk and Compliance Suite, a complete platform that allows them to meet all regulatory requirements while being modern, therefore Cloud Native, offering a rich and complete API, etc. This is a disruptive positioning that is very different from the other solutions which have also enabled us to be the only solution recognized by the independent research firm Chartis Research as being the only enterprise solution in October 2022 and a Rising star today.” Said Mahmoud Mhiri, executive partner à Vneuron.

About Vneuron

Vneuron Risk and Compliance was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Tunisia, North Africa.

The company is led by Tunisian compliance experts and has offices in West Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

On a mission to fight money laundering and terrorism financing, Vneuron is enabling companies to put an end to increasing financial crimes, protect their businesses, and improve customer experience with effective AML solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and machine learning.

About Chartis

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