Identify suspicious behavior with Vneuron’s complete approach to transaction monitoring and filtering

Complete compliance: Catch suspicious activity with a comprehensive and accessible set of rules.

  • Catch suspicious activity with a comprehensive, accessible rule framework
  • Track complex money laundering transactions and reduce false positives with machine learning
  • Match your risk appetite with configurable rule matching thresholds
Transaction filtering and monitoring engine within AML
Transaction filtering and monitoring in AML

Intelligent transaction monitoring

  • Improve detection rates with machine learning and adaptively search for subtle trends​
  • Lower the number of false positives with enhanced money laundering detection
  • Simplify and improve the quality of investigations with fully integrated case management workflows

Real time transaction filtering

  • Filter transactions against international sanction and watch lists
  • Screen payments, remittance transactions and cross-border payments in real time
  • Identify risks in all transaction elements. Including sender, beneficiary, reference text and payment narrative
Transaction filtering against international sanction/PEP lists

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