Add intelligence, interoperability, customization and scalability to your compliance system with Vneuron’s proven technology.


Improve productivity with Vneuron’s intelligence based approach to detecting financial crime.

Advanced name screening

  • Take into account all available customer data with multi-criteria searches
  • Search using many languages and alphabets. Including Arabic, Farsi, Russian and Chinese
  • Accurately detect different forms of customer names
Name screening adapted to non-latin languages
Supervised and unsupervised ML algorithms in AML

Machine learning

  • Deploy pre-trained algorithms for the detection of known money laundering scenarios
  • Reduce false positives through self-learning algorithms and historical data
  • Develop and test advanced custom made algorithms

Statistical modeling

  • Use historical AML data to fine tune filtering rules
  • Uncover criminal behavior similar to established patterns with lookalike modeling
  • Identify emerging threats with advanced statistical visualization
Statistics about customer behavior - AML


Interface with existing systems through dedicated connections to specific data stores and data providers. Create bespoke connections to other software tools through well documented APIs.

Interface architecture

  • Integrate with Vneuron’s compliance solutions through a dedicated, centralized module
  • Reduce the integration effort for common data structures (such as databases, flat files and message queues) through native interfaces
  • Securely interface synchronous or asynchronous data sources using APIs and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
Easy to integrate into financial institution structure
ell documented API for smooth integration

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

  • Add extra functionality and integrate with external systems using the well documented SDK
  • Understand API capabilities through OpenAPI 3
  • Get a head start with 40+ examples, written in C, Java, Js and Ruby


No code customization : Make changes to the way that features and interfaces work without any coding. Great ideas for making improvements can come from anywhere in a business. So Vneuron have made it so simple that even non-technical staff can do it!

Customizable Dashboards

  • Create and set-up dashboards with a graphical editor
  • Add, edit and delete dashboard widgets
  • Set up individual dashboards for different user types (manager, analyst, agent administrator, etc)

Customizable KYC forms

  • Edit KYC forms with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) graphical editor
  • Define forms for different customer types
  • Update forms to match changing regulatory and business requirements

Customizable Reports

  • Visualize key data through customized reports
  • Meet reporting requirements for regulators, auditors etc
  • Produce reports in many formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PDF

Customizable workflows

  • Design workflows using a graphical drag and drop interface
  • Create workflows for both simple and complex business rules
  • Implement multi-level collective decision making

Customizable Analyst interface

  • Configure analyst interfaces for efficient investigations
  • Include data from different sources and in different formats
  • Modify the basic interface with drag-and-drop components

Customizable AML rules

  • Implement rules using natural language
  • Add and edit conditions, actions and requirements
  • Configure according to AML strategy


As your business grows, your compliance software can grow with it. Vneuron’s compliance solution is highly scalable. Capable of accommodating very high transaction volumes.

Scalable architecture

  • Is your compliance software mission critical? Built in redundancy results in minimal downtime
  • Install in-premise or in the cloud, on one server or many
  • Balance loads across many nodes when handling large transaction volumes
Scalable architecture based on microservices
Compliance system monitoring

Compliance system monitoring

  • Track real-time system status and performance
  • Get targeted system notifications via in-app messages, email and SMS
  • Trigger predefined actions to ensure ongoing system health

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