Vneuron Risk And Compliance is Exhibiting at The Business Technology Banking Forum in Tripoli

The digital transformation of banking is a complex and challenging process. Banks need to ensure that the technology they adopt is secure and reliable, while also remaining compliant with the relevant regulations.

To succeed in this endeavor, banks should start by assessing their current technology infrastructure and identifying any areas that need improvement. This should be followed by investing in appropriate new technologies, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.
Banks also need to stay up to date with the latest regulatory developments and ensure that their data is stored securely and that all their operations are fully compliant with all laws.

To help Libyan banks take full advantage of the opportunities provided by technology, succeed in their digital transformation, and enhance their compliance processes, Vneuron Risk and Compliance will be a proud sponsor of the Business Technology Banking Forum in Libya which will be held on the 3rd and 4th December 2022.

About the Business Technology Banking Forum :

The Business Technology Banking Forum is organized with the goal to elevate the efficiency of the Libyan financial sector and maintain pace with the accelerating financial technology developments.
Officials and experts from different financial sectors will be attending the Forum
to exchange ideas about improving Libyan banking systems and to introduce the most critical services developed by solution providers for banks and showcase their effectiveness.
As part of the forum, a distinguished group of experts and lecturers specializing in banking and financial technology will present working papers and conduct in-depth discussions. Forum participants will discuss a variety of important topics such as :

  • The banking sector’s position on digital banking developments
  • Mobile bank services and digital payments system
  • Automatization of Banks
  • Artificial intelligence – Internet of things – Machine learning (AI – IoT – ML)
  • Blockchain, Digital currencies, and Metaverse
  • Digital banking infrastructure
  • The gap between banking legislation and the technological revolution

In addition to showcasing its portfolio of compliance technology solutions at the Forum, Mahmoud Mhiri, executive partner of Vneuron, will be one of the key speakers at the second panel to discuss the challenges facing the banking sector between the need for digital transformation and the escalation of regulatory compliance obligations.
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