Vneuron Risk and compliance is awarded the Most Innovative Anti-Money Laundering Solution Provider MENA 2021

Vneuron Risk and Compliance has been chosen as the Most innovative Anti-Money Laundering solution provider in the MENA Region for 2021.

This award comes under the program initiated by Global Banking and Financial Review (GBFR) magazine program to depict the most innovative providers and top-notch industry specialists in the financial services industry.

GBFR researchers have highlighted the innovation and distinctiveness of Reis™ Risk and Compliance solutions. The judges’ decision was justified by the competitive advantages the solution offers after evaluating more than 1000 solution providers available in the market.

Reis™ Risk and Compliance solution is user-friendly and features low-code customization capabilities. The platform comes with a built-in designer interface for full workflow design and forms building.

Among many solution providers in the market, Reis™ RCS is the most inclusive and comprehensive AML solution offering Name Screening, Risk Assessment, Lifecycle Management, Transaction Monitoring and Filtering, and US person’s reporting ( FATCA).

Vneuron took advantage of its 15 years of experience dealing with top-tier financial institutions in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Vneuron Risk and Compliance made compliance simple, fast, and cost-effective for their different clients thanks to AI supported technologies Said Wanda Rich Senior Editor at GBFR

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