Vneuron Risk and Compliance has been chosen as one of the Top 10 Risk and Compliance Solution Provider in Europe 2021

Vneuron Risk and Compliance has been recognized among the Top 10 Risk and Compliance solution Providers in Europe 2021 by CFO Tech Outlook.

CFO Tech Outlook acknowledges Vneuron’s innovation and uniqueness in the industry of regulatory compliance after investigating and comparing its offering to its rivals in the market.

In an ever-changing technological and financial landscape, financial institutions are facing new types of threats regarding financial crimes and new money laundering schemas. It became even harder to choose an adequate AML solution that assures cost saving and effectiveness.

To relieve the compliance burden, Reis™ Risk and Compliance Suite present an adapted offering to a top range of financial institutions. Its KYC module helps clients reduce new customer acquisition costs thanks to its dynamic KYC forms and AI-powered name matching technology.

The offering expends also to cover transaction monitoring and screening. Its advanced descriptive statistics on reducing transaction monitoring false positives which is a major deficiency for non-AI and ML-supported AML solutions. The transaction screening module enables the detection of suspicious local and cross-border activities. depending on the predefined segments and AML scenarios.

At a time when increasing complexity, timely reporting of data and regulatory compliance are clouding the financial environment more than ever, Vneuron has stepped up to address the challenges in this space with the power of intelligence and technology. said the CFO outlook Analyst

An interview has been conducted with our CEO Mahmoud Mhiri to explore in detail the platform capabilities and showcase some use cases for successful implementation within major financial institutions.
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About Vneuron :

Vneuron Risk and Compliance never ceased to provide financial institutions with cutting-edge technology that solves major compliance challenges in an ever-changing regulatory and technology landscape. On a mission to fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, the company is enabling enterprises to put an end to the increasing financial crimes with an effective AML software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and field expertise of the particularity in each jurisdiction regulation.

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