The African Microfinance Week

Vneuron is participating in the African Microfinance Week: SAM

We are delighted to announce that Vneuron is taking part in the 2023 edition of the SAM, which will be held in Lomé, Togo, from October 16 to October 20, 2023, at the International Conference Center (CIC) and the 2 février Hotel.

SAM represents a crucial gathering dedicated to the development of financial inclusion in Africa. This year, under the theme “Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Finance,” the event holds significant importance by highlighting the critical role of inclusive finance in reducing risks associated with climate change and in transitioning towards a green and resilient economy.

Vneuron, as a leader in AML compliance technologies and a prominent figure in the African landscape, emphasizes the paramount significance of a holistic approach in combating financial crime through its active engagement. In fact, Vneuron stands out as an innovative enterprise at the forefront of pioneering cutting-edge technologies tailored to fortify the battle against money laundering and terrorist financing, addressing a pressing concern in today’s landscape of equitable and environmentally responsible development.

Our presence at SAM reflects our commitment to promoting responsible financial practices, transparency, and regulatory compliance.

During the African Microfinance Week, renowned experts, academics, regulators, inclusive finance stakeholders, and many others will discuss climate-related issues, sustainable finance opportunities, and ways to enhance institutional resilience. The scheduled sessions will cover a wide range of topics, from finance to the use of technology to drive sustainable financial development.

SAM provides an exceptional platform to gain insights into the latest innovations in financial inclusion while fostering the exchange of ideas and collaboration among ecosystem stakeholders.

We invite you to get in touch with us to learn more about our technology solutions dedicated to microfinance institutions.

Together, we can contribute to shaping Africa’s more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future!