Leveraging Technology for AML-CFT Risk Management

In the dynamic landscape of today’s financial realm, the imperative of implementing robust Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) measures cannot be emphasized enough.
As financial wrongdoings continue to advance in complexity, the insurance industry encounters distinctive challenges in its mission to thwart illicit activities.
Organized in collaboration with Dow Jones, our upcoming webinar seeks to illuminate the paramount significance of incorporating cutting-edge technologies to bolster the defenses of the insurance sector.
Join us for an insightful exploration into the intricacies of recent legal amendments, the ever-evolving regulatory framework, and the specific hurdles faced by insurers. The session will unravel how technology serves as a pivotal ally, offering tailor-made solutions to elevate risk management, ensure compliance, and fortify the overall integrity of the insurance industry.
This carefully curated webinar is crafted to empower industry professionals with profound insights into the transformative influence of AML CFT technologies, thereby ensuring a resilient and secure future for the insurance sector in Kenya.


  • What are the key challenges faced by the insurance industry in Kenya regarding AML and CFT?
  • How has the regulatory environment evolved, and what aspects should insurance professionals be mindful of?
  • What are the recent amendments in the insurance sector’s legal framework, and how do they affect AML/CFT efforts in Kenya?
  • How crucial is technology for successful AML/CFT programs, and what are the best practices in technology-driven AML-CFT processes for insurance companies?
  • What are the recommended best practices for client screening, and how do reliable data sources and sanction screening align with regulatory perspectives in the insurance industry in Kenya?

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    Our Speakers


    Senior Compliance Executive and Chairman at Compliance Society of Kenya | Speaker

    Laban Omangi is a former Senior Banking Executive with over 35 years of extensive banking experience in Compliance and Financial Crime, Regulatory and Board Affairs, Financial and Non-Financial Risk Management, Retail, and Corporate Banking Operations. During his career he worked with international banks including ABN AMRO Bank, Barclays Bank, and AbsaBank among others and served in many senior capacities including being the Interim Head of Compliance for Barclays Africa, the Regional Head of Compliance for Barclays East & West Africa and the Compliance and Legal Director at Absa Bank Kenya until December 2021. He currently sits on the Board of the National Bank of Kenya, KCB Group as a Non-Executive Director. He also chairs The Compliance Society of Kenya (CSK) and was until 2021 the Chairman of Kenya Bankers Compliance Committee. He currently runs his own businesses. He is an alumni of the University of Cape Town and the University of Nairobi.


    Executive Partner at Vneuron | Speaker

    Mahmoud is an Executive Partner at Vneuron, with over 15 years of experience in delivering innovative AML technologies to financial institutions globally. He leads the growth of Vneuron and champions Reis™ RCS, a RegTech solution offering all-in-one KYC and AML capabilities powered by AI/ML and Automation. Reis™ RCS, AML30000-certified platform, won Best AML Compliance Solution in 2023. Mahmoud is dedicated to simplifying compliance processes, ensuring quality and security, and reducing costs for clients.


    EMEA Sales Director, Risk & Compliance at Dow Jones | Speaker

    Marian Halasz is a Specialist for the Risk & Compliance business at Dow Jones with responsibility for projects across EMEA. He has over 10 years of experience in the competitive environment of the compliance information industry, working on projects related to regulatory compliance. During his career at Dow Jones, Marian has taken part in numerous clients’ AML, sanction, and compliance screening-related projects, including for some of the largest corporate and financial institutions in EMEA. He also worked on implementing customer screening processes within financial institutions across Southern and Eastern Africa. Marian is a regular speaker at many industry events including those hosted by Dow Jones on topics such as Financial Crime, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption, and Sanctions Compliance.


    Marketing and Partnerships Manager at Vneuron | Moderator

    Emna is the Marketing and Partnerships Manager at Vneuron. Emna brings extensive expertise in marketing and communication across diverse industries, with a notable focus on AML compliance. With a strategic approach, she has successfully devised and implemented targeted marketing initiatives, showcasing Vneuron’s commitment to regulatory integrity. Her proficiency lies in not only crafting compelling marketing strategies but also in fostering effective communication channels.
    Emna also collaborates closely with analysts and various partners to strengthen Vneuron’s market position. Her role involves cultivating strategic partnerships, facilitating collaborations, and ensuring Vneuron’s solutions are strategically positioned to address the evolving needs of the industry.