Atlantic Financial Group (AFG) selects Vneuron Risk & Compliance technology to keep growing and digitizing its operations, in full compliance with regulations

PARIS, Feb. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Developed by the software publisher Vneuron and selected by Digital Business Solution (an AFG technology subsidiary), the Reis™ Risk & Compliance Suite solution will be deployed within AFG’s banking subsidiaries in Cameroon, Gabon, Comoros and Mali.

In addition to the AFG’s current subsidiaries, this integrated solution to curb money laundering and terrorism financing will also cover the group’s future acquisitions, as well as the clients of its subsidiary, Digital Business Solution (DBS).

Through this choice, DBS intends to secure the group’s banking activities to enable AFG to pursue its strong growth across digital channels, and especially through mobile money and digital banking services, to promote greater financial inclusion.


Some of the many benefits provided by the Reis™ Risk & Compliance Suite solution developed by Vneuron for the benefit of AFG subsidiaries and DBS clients include faster client onboarding thanks to an optimized KYC process, enhanced monitoring of its clients’ financial flows, as well as automated tax reporting.

By replacing its various tools with a new integrated and modern platform, DBS is therefore energetically pursuing its mission to transform AFG’s banking assets and insurance activities.

About Digital Business Solution (DBS) :

Leading the digital transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa, DBS is the technology subsidiary of holding company Atlantic Financial Group (AFG), which owns Banque Atlantique in Cameroon (BACM), BICIG in Gabon, BIC in Comoros, BICIM in Mali, as well as insurance companies in Cameroon, Benin, Mali and Comores. DBS was also a pioneer in French-speaking Africa by launching the first fully digital health insurance offering in Cameroon, in 2017.

About Vneuron :

A software publisher specializing in digital experience and regulatory compliance, Vneuron is a key player in customer knowledge (KYC) and anti-money laundering technology (AML). Vneuron covers Europe, Africa and the Middle East through operations with more than 200 clients in 28 countries.

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